Electroboys feat. Sistar Hyo Rin – Ma Boy 2

Genre: Hip-Hop. Music & Lyrics: Brave Brothers. Album: Electroboyz 2nd single Rebirth

Lyrics: Ma Boy 2

By: Electroboyz feat. Hyorin Sistar

You know this is for you ma
Can’tstop lovin’ you ma
Smiling at each other whilesitting across each other
Holding hands around theneighborhood
Closing my eyes in your arms
Ooh,think I’m in love with you

*Ma girl, Ma girl, Ma girl, Magirl
Whatever other people say
You’re my girl
Maboy, Ma boy, Ma boy, Ma boy
I love you too
I always look for you

You’re always my real-time #1
My whole interest is in you
As if I’m hypnotized
The true beauty that was givenby above
Mashining ruby
Eenie meenie minie moe
The more I think, to me
You’re the only one
You and I are
The modern Romeo and Juliet
Iona and Shrek
Will you give me your love?

**Iwanna see you girl,
Gimmea holla
Tell me whenever you need me
Like this, I will be next toyou
With you
I wanna see you girl,
Gimmea holla
When you’re really exhausted,rely on me anytime
Call me anytime you need me


I’m usually not good at loveydovey things
I’m not friendly like otherguys
But this is my real charm
It runs in the family
The person who loves you themost in this world
I will be that person
Baby girl, stay with me forever
We gon’ stick together forever
Likediamond that never changes


I feel your breath even when we’reapart for a little while
Everyday I only miss you
Listen to my love song
Baby fly with me
Myheart is always with you
Baby ride with me
Our love will never change
You are the main character ofmy life
I think I really love you


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