4Minute – Heart to Heart @ Music Bank in Paris


Kpop Albums In Paris?

KPop artists has officially entered the European market and has been grabbing the attention of fans all around the world.  On the 8th, KPop concert Music Bank in Paris was held in success, but despite the growing popularity of kpop and its stars, it is difficult to purchase these albums in Paris.

Major album stores do not carry KPop music, despite its growing popularity. This has caused many fans to purchase albums online or through a friend visiting Korea. Although Kpop was not available in music stores across Paris, Korean movies and dramas in the form of DVDs were availabe.  As KPop continues to spread, we hope to see Korean albums made in Paris and all around the world. This is only the beginning of the globalization of Kpop. [musicasia]

4Minute – Mirror Mirror [120218 Music Bank in Paris]


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  1. I’m really happy that I found you here what’s new with you for so you have all the fun of being here is so-so

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