T-ara, Why are you being like this @ Music Bank in Paris


KBS Music Bank in Paris

February 8 started as a cold day but this wasn’t enough to keep fans from all over Europe from gathering in front of the Palais Omnisport de Paris Bercy, the venue of the much anticipated K-Pop concert in Europe, KBS Music Bank In Paris!

Some fans had the chance to see their favorite artists sightseeing in the streets of Paris and busy taking selcas. It was with utmost interest that they watched their idols twitters for photos updates on their current location.

Many fans welcomed their artists at the airport. Some artists came the day before the show while some arrived days before. Most of them stayed in Paris after the show and took some rest of their tightly packed schedules.

The star studded line-up for the concert consisted of idol groups U-Kiss, Sistar, 4Minute, 2PM, T-ara, BEAST and Girls’ Generation.

Fans from all corners of Europe gathered together for this first K-Pop festival in the area. We all waited outside the venue with glow sticks, posters and our cameras ready in the cold Parisian weather. K-pop fans were excited to see their “own kind” and started chatting with each other even though they met for the first time.That’s what K-Pop is all about right?

While we were waiting outside the venue, some cameramen from KBS stood in front of the crowd ready to film. Suddenly, fans chanted their favorite artists name as if the concert already started.

We finally got in thirty minutes after the time we were supposed to enter and the large crowd consisting of 10,000 K-Pop fans eventually filled the Palais Omnisport. Everytime the lights went on, fans screamed in frenzy. This was the atmosphere that filled the venue.

Our seats were located at the front rows in front of the stage. There was still about an hour and a half to go before the show’ start. Music videos of the artists were played starting with U-Kiss’ “0330.” Even though they were only music videos and not the actual artists, the crowd went wild. Also played were 4Minute’s “Hot Issue,” T-ara’s Bo Peep Bo Peep,” BEAST’s “Shock,” “2PM’s “Heartbeat,” SHINee’s “Hello” and Girls Generation’s “Gee.”

T-ara’s turn came with their catchy number Why Are You Like This. Leader Sooyeon thanked the fans. She said that it was a pity that Eunjung was injured when they had to perform in France and introduced Eunjung who came on stage to greet the fans, “Bonsoir, je m’appelle Eunjung.” She also said that the next time they come to France, they will put on a great performance to make it up to fans. They followed up with Lovey Dovey. The fans were on fire and also did the fanchants during Lovey Dovey. [soompi]

[120218]  T-ara full performance @ KBS K-POP Festival Music Bank in Paris


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  1. I got there not too long ago along with many of us grew to become addicted to a casino game exhibit where the contestant were required to guess that career associated with 6 months time men and women.

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