A Pink – My My @ The 1st Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards


A Pink

A Pink (Korean: 에이핑크) is a seven-member South Korean girl group under A Cube Entertainment formed in 2011. Their members are Park Chorong, Yoon Bomi, Jung Eunji, Son Naeun, Hong Yookyung, Kim Namjoo and Oh Hayoung.

The group has released two Korean mini-albums. They debuted on April 21, 2011, on M! Countdown with the EP Seven Springs of A Pink. A Pink were awarded the Best New Female Artist award at the 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards.

A Pink – Best New Female Artist (Group Category) @ 1st Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards


The first trainee to be revealed as a member of Cube Entertainment’s new girl group was Son Naeun who was featured in labelmate boy group Beast’s “Beautiful” and “Soom” music videos in late 2010. The second member revealed was the group’s leader, Park Chorong, who was shown at the end of Beast’s “Shock” Japanese music video. It was later revealed that the new girl group would be managed by a sub-division of Cube Entertainment known as A Cube Entertainment.

On February 21, A Cube Entertainment set up an official Twitter account and revealed Oh Hayoung as the third member of A Pink. Jung Eunji was the fourth member revealed through A Cube’s Twitter through a video of her singing a rendition of ‘s “I Love You I Do“. Hong Yookyung was similarly revealed through an online video where she was playing the piano. Yoon Bomi and Kim Namjoo were the last members to be revealed through Twitter.

Prior to the group’s debut, the documentary A Pink News aired on the Korean cable channel TrendE. The show chronicled the debut process of the members of A Pink. The pilot episode of A Pink News was aired on March 11, 2011. Each episode was featured a different celebrity guest as its anchorman. Among the celebrity guests of the show were G.NA, Mario, MBLAQ’s Seung Ho and G.O, Beast, 4minute, 2AM’s Jinwoon, and Secret’s Sunhwa and Hyosung.

2011: Debut – Seven Springs of A Pink & Snow Pink
On April 13, the music video teaser for A Pink’s debut album, Seven Springs of A Pink, was released. The theme of the teaser was the spring season and the idea of innocent beauty. A Pink released the EP “Seven Springs of A Pink” and the music video for their lead single, “I Don’t Know”, on 19 April 2011. The album featured five songs, including “It Girl” and “Wishlist”. The music video for “I Don’t Know” featured Beast’s Gi Kwang.

A Pink made their debut stage performance of “I Don’t Know” on M.net M! Countdown on April 21 to further promote their album. During A Pink’s first official fanmeet, it was revealed that their official fan club name is ‘Pink Panda’, a play on the name of the group and the Korean word for ‘fan’.

Following their promotions for “I Don’t Know”, the group promoted “It Girl” on the weekly music shows. A Pink also recorded the song “Please Let us Love” (Korean: Uri Geunyang Saranghage Haejuseyo) for the popular SBS drama Protect the Boss, starring JYJ’s Jaejoong and Choi Kang Hee. The soundtrack was released in September 2011.

In November 2011, A Pink began recording a new reality television show called Birth of a Family with boy band Infinite. The show followed the journey of the two idol groups in taking care of abandoned and mistreated animals over the course of 8 weeks. The first episode aired on November 12.

A Pink released their second mini-album, Snow Pink, on November 22, 2011, featuring the lead single “My My”. The album featured five tracks, including “Yeah” and “Prince”. The music video teaser for “My My” was released on November 21, 2011. Promotions for “My My” began on November 25, 2011, on Music Bank. The lead single “My My” was particularly noted for having a sound reminiscent of girl groups of the early 2000s, such as SES and FinKL.

During their promotions for “My My”, the group opened up a one-day idol tea cafe, serving visiting fans to raise profits for charity and preparing food and drinks themselves. The members also auctioned off some of their personal items for charity.

In November 29, A Pink were awarded the Best New Female Artist award at the 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards, while labelmate Huh Gak went on to win the Best New Male Artist award.

On December 26, 2011 A Pink released a song with Beast called Skinny Baby and the song was a collaboration for the school uniform brand Skool Looks. The song itself showcases the strengths of both groups and has an addictive melody and rhythm. The track was written for them by Kim Taewan and Yoon Sangjo.

On January 5, 2012 A Pink won their very first music show award on M! Countdown for “My My”. [wikipedia]

A-Pink – My My [mv]



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