Jay Park feat. Dok2 Know Your Name [Official Music Video]


Jay Park Release Two MVs for Know Your Name

Jay Park has just released two music videos for his new single, Know Your Name. The first MV featuring the rapper Dok2 has a more powerful and fierce tone to it as it puts Jay Park’s supreme dancing skills on full display. The second MV featuring the Acoustic Version Blue of Know Your Name follows a more mellow tone with Jay Park playing the main lead that instantly falls in love with a coffee shop server. Especially, his Usher-like vocals make the acoustic version a must-listen track!

The physical copy of Jay Park’s new album, New Breed, will be released on February 9. The 15-track album has sparked a lot of interest for being produced byRob Knox, who’s previously worked with Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Chris Brown, and Britney Spears. [soompi]

Jay Park Know Your Name (Acoustic Version Blue)

Lyrics song : Know Your Name

By : Jay Park Feat. Dok2

The moment I go in this place, I just see you and me
Underneath the flashing lights, I don’t see anyone else – who’s to deny it?
Yes, I have everything – everything but you – but don’t worry about me
Hurry and hold my hand – let’s go – though it’s a bit late,
I go by the name of Mr. Gonzo repin’ aom&illionaire that’s my crew
You still don’t know who I am?
Just play my music – I’m different than others
If not, I would never holla
What I want isn’t your number but your name – trust me
Gotta come get my love – See you that

As soon as I came in, the moment I saw you
Besides you, this club looked empty
I just came to dance and enjoy the night
But my eyes keep going to you

Girl let me get it little closer (closer)
Cuz I just want to get to know yah (yah)
Let’s have a conversation, let’s dance together
Let’s do it however you want, just give me a chance


There ain’t no need to go, I wanna take it slow
Even if the night ends, let’s continue together
Just meet on the floor, I will give you a show
Just tell me your name first


Don’t worry, I’m just a guy who wants to get to know you
I just wanna know your name (know your name)
Let’s take it one at a time, I’m different than others
I just wanna know your name (know your name)
I’m only looking at you right now – you know what it is
I will show you my true heart
You are so beautiful – just give me a chance
I won’t ask you out – I just wanna know your name

Woo girl – I’ll go at the pace you want
I’m at the place where you want
But inside my heart, it’s you
I want you so bad, I’m about to go crazy
But first, I will hold it in right now

* repeat
** repeat

Your name x109 😀

I have interest in you
Just wanna know your name
Girl I ain’t playing no games
I just want to get to know you more
Just wanna know your name
Just wanna know your name

** repeat x25 😀

Jay Park – Know Your Name [English Translation Lyrics]

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