K. Will 케이윌_니가필요해 I Need You ( mv )


Lyrics song : I Need You

By : K. Will

When I heard your greeting asking how I was doing
My heart that I held back became hot again
And I asked myself for a long time if this was really the you that I’ve known for so long

I was happy to hear your voice for the first time in a year
When you said you missed me, tears kept falling
Did you hurt as much as I did too?

* I need you, I need you
Even if a year passes, if ten years pass, I am the same
I’m a person who didn’t forget even for a single day
It needs to be you, you are my love
I can’t go on without you, I need you

I look at you as I walk and look again
I look at your hand, tightly holding mine
I let go of it and hold it again, smiling like a fool
We were so small and happy, it was better that we were together
I only think of those kinds of things – why didn’t we know back then?

* repeat

I will run to you now and hold you in my arms
I’m running out of breath, I will shout till it overflows

I need you, I need you
A hundred times, a thousand times, I will love you
I won’t ever let you go again
I won’t leave you because you are my love
I will promise you that I will love you forever till I die


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