SuJu Donghae ft. Henry Lau – This Is Love

Donghae Still Cry …

Super Junior’s member Donghae known as a crybaby of the group. When he was interviewed by ELLE Girl Magazine, he said “I still cry whenever we receive awards. Our members had promised to work hard in order to receive awards and set records that only Super Junior could set. I am happy that we were able to live up to this promise.“

Donghae confessed his feeling towards the international fans for loving Super Junior . He mentioned that some countries such Chille and Australia request for Super Junior’s concert and and sent his apologies for not being able to visit the countries . Donghae tell his wish to spend an entire year for their tour . Beside the interview Lee Donghae did his photoshoot with fresh and natural image also with his gentle image. [koreanupdate]

The Super Junior Guide – Lee Donghae

Lee Donghae (Before & After Debut)

Lee Donghae so Beautiful

donghae 4 elle - still cry


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