RaNia – Dr. Feel Good @ Ystar Live Power Music

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RaNia Feel so Good

Rania (Hangul: 라니아, stylized as RaNia or RANIA) is a seven-member KPop girl group, who debuted in South Korea and was produced by Teddy Riley and DR Music. Despite being a Korean group, one of the members is non-Korean; Joy is Thai, and also Riko was raised in Japan. They released their debut track Dr. Feel Good in 2011. All members speak fluent English, Korean, Thai, and Japanese. Before debuting, RaNia received three years worth of vocal training.

As of May 2011, Teddy Riley has officially ended his professional relationship with RaNia after taking to his twitter to reveal that he had a fall out with RaNia’s Korean record label, DR Music. Darkchild has expressed interest in working with RaNia in the future.

Debut and Controversy

rania feel so goodRaNia debuted on April 16 on the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) music program, Music Bank, with the song Dr. Feel Good. However, their music video and live performances for Dr. Feel Good caused controversy in Korea as some viewers felt that their image and concept were too provocative, especially for members Xia and T-ae, then aged 16 and 17 (for several major music programs in South Korea, the age limit is 15).RaNia were forced to change their provocative choreography and make minor changes to the outfits.

In an interview with Donga News, Jooyi stated that she had turned down the offer of joining the popular girl group 2NE1 as a 5th member.

After RaNia‘s split with Teddy Riley, it was rumoured that Jooyi had slept with Ruk, the founder of Professional Music Group and had become pregnant by him, but this was revealed to be a malicious and unfounded rumour by a disgruntled netizen. [wikipedia]

Rania – Pop Pop Pop @ M Countdown Comeback stage

[Live HD] RaNia – Masquerade

Rania – Dr Feel Good (K-pop Sexy Dance Girl Group)


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