[120308] K-Pop M!Countdown Full Show

List of First Place Winners 2012

bigbang blue - broke 4 million views on youtubeJanuary

  • 01.05 – A Pink1st“My My”1st [8,224 points]
  • 01.12 – T-ara8th“Lovey-Dovey”1st [8,097 points]
  • 01.19 – T-ara9th“Lovey-Dovey”2nd [8,588 points]
  • 01.26 – MBLAQ2nd전쟁이야 (“This Is War”)1st [8,865 points]


  • 02.02 – MBLAQ3rd전쟁이야 (“This Is War”)2nd [8,869 points]
  • 02.09 – F.T. Island5th지독하게 (“Severely”)1st [8,637 points]
  • 02.16 – Se7en7th내가 노래를 못해도 (“When I Can’t Sing”)1st [8,876 points]
  • 02.23 – F.T. Island6th지독하게 (“Severely”)2nd [8,689 points]


  • 03.01 – miss A4th“Touch”1st [8,734 points]
  • 03.08 – BIGBANG13th“Blue”1st [9,081 points]

M! Countdown as You Know

M! Countdown (Korean: 엠! 카운트다운) is a K-Pop musictelevision program broadcast by M.net. It airs live every Thursday at 6:00PM KST. The show features some of the latest and most popular artists who perform live on stage. It is hosted by Tony An and Various MCs each week. It also airs live in China, Japan, Philippines, United States, Taiwan and many other countries.

Segments previous airing include B’SHOP where songwriter Bang Si-hyuk introduces some hit songs, and MCD DRAMA where the hosts act out scenarios. The current segment airing is MCD NEWS which reports the latest music industry news, and MCD Ranking which ranks celebrities with certain topics.

The chart featured on M! Countdown is calculated by combining Online/Offline Music Sales (50%), M! Countdown Online Votes (30%), Professional Music Judges (10%), and Real-time Mobile (SMS) Votes (10%).  [wikipedia]


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