BigBang Love & Hope Japan Tour (complete ver.)


BigBang Love & Hope Japan Tour 2011

BigBang kicks off their Japan Tour Story

BigBang live love & hope in tokyoBig Bang kicked off their Japan tour titled BIGBANG presents ‘Love & Hope Tour 2011 with their first two showy concerts at the Osaka Jo Hall in Osaka. Pillars of fire, an explosion and then the curtains rose for a thrilling and fun ride featuring a performance total of 24 songs.

V.I Seungri greeted their Japanese fans, “How are you!? Various terrible things happened since we came here from Korea, but we promised those concerts to you and that’s why we are still here!” The atmosphere among the 9,000 fans immediately reached its climax thanks to those words.

The five members of BigBang see the tour as a way to show their support for the reconstruction after the tragic Tohoku earthquake. Unfortunately a lot of their Korean fans were too worried about their idols and even started a petition with more than 7,500 signatures, asking their agency to not let them go to Japan at all. However, the group decided that it’s more important to keep their promise they made to their Japanese fans back in February of 2010, when they announced this Japan tour.

On May 2nd, BigBang arrived in Japan and soon after that member G-Dragon uploaded a clip onto the Internet, assuring everyone that it is safe in Japan. Before today’s concert they also had a few minutes to talk with the press and G-Dragon commented, “With our presence here we want to let everyone know that it’s safe. I’d like the Korean people to join us and walk the road of reconstruction together with the Japanese.”

He continued, “We also received fan-letters from people living in areas struck by the earthquake and tsunamis. If we get the time and chance, we’d like to go and visit those places.” [tokyohive]

[2011] BigBang Love & Hope Tour Making

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