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Who Am I?

Who Am I? (traditional Chinese: 我是誰; simplified Chinese: 我是谁; pinyin: Wǒ Shì Shéi; Cantonese Yale: Ngo2 Si6 Seoi4) is a 1998 Hong Kong martial arts action film, released by Golden Harvest. It was directed by and stars Jackie Chan, who also performed the song that plays over the end credits.

The film is also known under the following alternative titles in some international releases: Jackie Chan’s Who Am I? (USA), Amnesia (Norway) and Jackie Chan Is Nobody (Germany).


who am i ? jackie chan full movieSomewhere in the jungles of South Africa, a multinational military unit, Special Force Unit, ambushes a convoy and kidnaps several scientists working on a highly-volatile compound extracted from a recently discovered meteorite. Among the operatives is a Hong Kong national identified as Jackie Chan. Morgan (Ron Smerczak) of the CIA is sent to South Africa to investigate the incident, not knowing that Morgan and newly-retired Lieutenant General Sherman (Ed Nelson) orchestrated the abduction for their personal profit. At the same time, the CIA assigns another operative in South Africa for a more covert operation.

Chan wakes up in a tribal village somewhere in the African veldt, still recovering from injuries sustained in an accident he cannot remember; due to this, when asked for his name by the natives, he responds by asking himself, “Who Am I?”, and is referred to as that by the natives. The tribesmen show him the remains of a crashed helicopter and graves of those who perished aboard.

He spends weeks recuperating from his wounds and learning about the tribe’s culture. After spotting rally cars from several miles away, “Who Am I?” bids the village farewell and ventures on a journey back to civilization. He befriends Japanese rally navigator Yuki (Mirai Yamamoto) after saving her brother from a snake bite and offering to help them finish the race.

When they reach Johannesburg, “Who Am I?” meets Christine Stark (Michelle Ferre), a journalist sent to interview him about his rally adventure. However, Morgan hears of “Who Am I?” and sends hitmen to kill him. Morgan also pretends to be his ally, telling him to contact him if he is in danger. After escaping from the hitmen, Christine cracks a secret code written on a matchbook found on one of the dead operatives, which leads them to Rotterdam, Netherlands. “Who Am I?” and Christine bid Yuki farewell and head for Rotterdam to find more answers to his identity.

In Rotterdam, “Who Am I?” discovers that Christine is actually an undercover CIA agent. Not knowing whom to trust, he sneaks into the Willemswerf alone, where he discovers the masterminds behind the kidnapping of the scientists. It is revealed that Morgan and Lieutenant General Sherman are about to sell the extraterrestrial compound to a powerful arms dealer.

While waiting for the online transaction to finish, the three men leave the conference room for a coffee break — giving “Who Am I?” time to sneak in and steal the disc containing the compound information. He also cancels the transaction and sends the money to a children’s organization, infuriating the arms dealer.

After escaping from the building, “Who Am I?” regroups with Christine, who calls for the execution of a “Plan B”, to surround the Erasmus Bridge and corner Morgan. After Christine takes Morgan into custody, “Who Am I?” throws the disc off the bridge and tells Christine he will return to Africa. (wikipedia)


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