G-Dragon’s Hot Scenes

G-Dragon as Public Image

G-Dragon @ qpopcorner as Public ImageDescribed as the most fashionable one in his group, G-Dragon‘s role in influencing fashion trends in South Korea have garnered him awards such as the “Style Icon of 2008” and the award for “Most Influential Men of 2008” sponsored by Arena magazine.[45] Fashion icon Kang Dong Wan has also acknowledged G-Dragon’s influences, calling him a “fashionista.”

While promoting Heartbreaker, his change in hairstyle from dying it to blonde gained popularity among his fans and became one of the top hairstyles of the year.[47] Additionally, his constant sporting of triangular scarves became a trend among teenagers and were later nicknamed the “Big Bang scarves.”

Despite his influences, G-Dragon has admitted to being self-conscious of his role as a musician, noting how he had “changed many things including the tone of my voice because I was conscious about my job when I was in front of others.”

Aware that his public image is important when promoting his materials, G-Dragon notes that “what the public perceives of [my physical appearance] is my doing so it’s my fault if I give off the wrong intention.” He also strongly opposes the idea of singers as “products” of the entertainment industry. (wikipedia)

G-Dragon Comeback 2012

G-Dragon GD’s House

G-Dragon Cut – YG Family Concert Making 2011


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  1. The two songs that were revealed are “Alive” and “Blue.” G-Dragon and Park Han Bum produced “Alive” together. The lyrics of “Alive” were written by G-dragon. “Blue” was both written and produced by G-dragon and Teddy.

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