Jackie Chan’s The Prisoner (Full Movie)

The Prisoner (Movie)

jackie chan prisoner full movieThis film doesn’t have a central character, it has about three or four of them. Sammo Hung playing John, Jackie Chan playing Steve, an undercover cop and a guy that wants revenge against Steve for killing his brother. Now, that might not seem strange, but it gets to be. The ending makes no sense at all, though I won’t spoil it for anybody.

Let’s just say that everyone dead is alive again and assassinating drug lords. And here I thought this was going to be ‘prisoner struggling to stay alive in a prison full of enemies’ – it isn’t, that would be too convential I suppose. Instead, it’s “prisoners struggle to stay alive and then get killed and then ressurected and then receive this assignment to kill a drug lord and … it goes on.

Despite the plotholes, the film is just badly put together. Luckily, it finds some entertainment value in Chan and Sammo’s idiosyncratic nature. They are not, however, enough to save the film’s story, a story that doesn’t go anywhere ’til the end, and when it does it confuses the rest of the plot. That is one of the drawbacks of neglecting central conflicts and main characters, two staples of the action genre. If you make it too complex it ends up making less sense.

If the film has one saving grace, it’s the action. There’s a fair number of fights and even some gunfights in The Prisoner, and each is intense and exciting. It’s not on par with Woo or anything, but it’s excellent in contrast to the plot and pacing.

Great performances all around. Sammo Hung’s character keeps trying to break out of jail, providing the film with some genuine humor in the process. Although Chan is underused, when he is Chan seems to light up the screen. There isn’t a more vibrant actor out of Asian cinema than Jackie Chan.

The Prisoner [Trailer]


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